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I don't know which service to get?

No worries! Our expert customer service team will take your vehicle's make, year, mileage and service history, and recommend a service specifically to suit. We'll only ever recommend what your vehicle actually needs at that time.

​Why does my car even need servicing?

Your vehicle is made up of a huge amount of working parts that all need regular lubricating to keep the engine running it's best. Oil is an essential component in running your car but over time gets dirty with grime and debris. Don't let dirty oil ruin your engine. A basic service should always include an oil and filter change as a minimum.

How often should I service my car?

Typically, vehicles should be serviced every year or every 10-15,000kms (whichever comes first). Your vehicle's age and fuel type make a big difference to service intervals. Our team can help advise what your vehicle's requirements are.

​Why should I get my car serviced at Ingham Automotive?

At Ingham Automotive, you'll always receive an oil & filter change as a minimum with every service. We believe anything less shouldn't be called a vehicle service.

Every service also receives a complementary Ingham Vehicle Health Check. This is an Ingham designed system where technicians check 50 points on your vehicle including fluids, interior and exterior parts, wheels and tyres. You'll receive your report in an easy-to-read format indicating the condition of your vehicle. It's just smart motoring!


Our exclusive 50-point inspection system.

It's your car, and it's a big investment. Wouldn't it be helpful to know the condition of your vehicle - especially in the places you can't see?

At Ingham Automotive, every service also receives a complementary Ingham VHC inspection and report. We have a specially designed system for the technicians to create an easy-to-read, traffic light system on the condition of your vehicle's engine and components. The Ingham VHC looks at everything a WOF does, but it also checks all fluid levels, under-body, battery, air conditioning/heating and additional mechanical parts.

We love to make you smile. Complementary car washes, vacuums, loan cars and coffee are just the beginning.