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Why choose Cooper Tyres

Guaranteed to Last - Cooper Tires come with a mileage warranty between 45,000-80,000kms.


I don't know which tyres to get?

No worries! Our expert customer service team will take your vehicle's registration and your main use for the vehicle to recommend a tyre fit for purpose. You can also talk to them about price so they can find a tyre in your budget.

​When do I need to change my tyres?

It's important to visually check your tyres regularly for tread condition and un-even wear and tear. We recommend you re-new your tyres when the tread-depth is down to 3mm.
If you're uncomfortable checking your tyres or not sure, contact our team for a free tyre check.

How often does my vehicle need a wheel alignment?

We recommend a wheel alignment every 6-months. It's a cost-effective way to increase the life-span of your tyres and save you money in the long-run.

​Why should I get my tyres from Ingham Automotive?

At Ingham Automotive,we are not aligned to any one brand or tyre distributor. We have a diverse and flexible approach to finding you a fit for purpose tyre in your budget. 

We provide a best-price guarantee on our recommended tyre brands, and we also have tyre protection plans and no-deposit finance available on tyres and mag wheels.

One big advantage - you don't have to go anywhere else or deal with any other companies. We can sort your service, WOF, tyres and wheel alignment under one roof, in one booking, and we take pride in same day delivery of all common fitment tyre sizes.


Reduce tyre wear & improve fuel economy.

It's important to have a correct wheel alignment so your tyres wear evenly and your vehicle handles and corners as it should. At Ingham Automotive, we have dedicated wheel and tyre technicians who will assess your vehicle on our electronic wheel alignment machine and adjust to your manufacturer's requirements. We recommend a wheel alignment every 6 months.


Increase the life of the tyre and ensure a smooth drive.

Tyres are never the same weight all around, and tread wear can cause uneven distribution. The most common sign your vehicle has unbalanced tyres is the steering-wheel shaking while driving at high speeds. Ingham Automotive wheel and tyre technicians will use our calibrated wheel balancer to test and adjust the wheel balance. Wheels should always be balanced after new tyres are fitted.